The on line management portal for Energy Managers

Performance visualisation solutions for utility management!

PowerWatchTM makes ANY consumption visible on a web-based utility management portal. The system converts consumption data into useful information which includes energy performance indicators, utility costs, emissions reports and real-time condition alerts.

Unique Features, Unlimited Possibilities

Meter Agnostic

PowerWatchTM works with any meter


PowerWatchTM works in real time

High Data Quality

System delivers 99% good quality real-time data

Any Mobile Network

Runs on several mobile carriers in Africa and Australia


Easily deliver energy data into existing ERP or Content management systems

User Awareness

Used for awareness campaigns and behaviour change initiatives


Runs on a mobile network or on LAN/WAN

Bill Verification

PowerWatchTM is ideally suited for Bill Verification


Designed with mobile devices in mind

How PowerWatchTM can benefit your business

PowerWatchTM is a powerful, flexible utility management platform, our customers use the system in many different ways.

  • PowerWatchTM is ideally suited to Bill Verification. Many organisations use PowerWatchTM to verify the accuracy of their energy and water bills.
  • Tracking actual consumption against a budget and making this energy performance visible is a proven method to change behaviour and achieve savings (this is also a ISO 50001 requirement).
  • PowerWatchTM data is ideally suited to the development of energy baselines and for measurement and verification of savings delivered by energy projects.
  • PowerWatchTM automatically reports on the environmental impact of your energy usage.
  • Custom dashboards creates awareness and visibility.
  • Custom scheduled Reporting brings your companies performance into the boardroom.

PowerWatchTM Customers

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